Who We Are

Hello there and welcome to Teara Stewart & Associates where we assist in the development of the WHOLE LEADER using our innovative approach! What does that mean? I am glad you've asked. TSA has been designed to transform, elevate and enhance the leader in you. We want to create change you can see and feel! The systems we use include Self Mastery, Mindset Shifting, Confidence Building and Action Taking. What does all of this mean? In order to lead others we MUST have the ability to lead ourselves. Which is why we began with self mastery as the first step you take. We will begin with understanding who you are and how you show up, we will then transition to the role your thoughts play in your growth, which will lead to the building of confidence and the final phase is ACTION!  You were created to be so much more than a bench warmer. We are here to help you build to skills and courage to say "Put me in Coach" and play full out.


TSA started from the burning desire to create palpable change in the lives of others who made the decision to raise their hand and take the mantel of leadership head on. Our promise is we will always deliver our service with integrity, professionalism, and kindness.  We are glad you are here and look forward to building together. Letttsss Goooooo!!! You deserve everything God said you can have .

Image by Ian Schneider


Our mission is to change lives through effective, transformative , palpable practices. We will transform the way you lead in the home, on the job, in school, in ministry and every other area of life.


We will be a company that disrupts the status quo of what Leadership is and what it looks like. We will continue to gain the knowledge to assist our clients with their growth in every area of life. We will be innovative, creative , and authentic in our approach.

Image by Davyn Ben